What We Do

KO Kosher Service is headquartered in the Philadelphia region with global partners in Australia, Canada, Europe and Israel to be able to quickly, efficiently and effectively serve the global kashrus need of consumers and industry.

If it’s Kosher, Let’s make it available to the consumer.​
  1. Accuracy
    Multi-staged approach to minimize mistakes.
  2. Personal
    Every company deserves the needed time and personalization to get an honest evaluation and approval. A bakery is not the same as a butcher.
  3. Fair
    No politics, halacha is halacha (the rules are the rules). Reasonable pricing.
Our Services
Whether you're just starting out or looking to change hashgacha Ko Kosher Service may be able to help.. Our mantra is: “If it’s Kosher, Let’s make it available to the consumer.”  We strive to leave politics out of hashgacha.  We promise keep Kashers personal, accurate and fair.  if you have a question we take the necessarily time to answer them on a one on one basis.
Where we Specialize​
Serve or local (Philadelphia PA), regional and global Kashrus needs using a personal, fast and efficient manor.  We work with the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical industries.  ​