The Mt. Rushmore of Ko Kosher Service

Ko Kosher Service traces its roots to 1928, when Rabbi David S. Novoseller, ז”ל. emigrated to the United States of America. Rabbi Dr. Shalom Novoseller, ז”ל  and Rabbi Moshe Schnall, ז”ל . joined with Rabbi David S. Novoseller in Ko Kosher Service.
In the late 1960's Rabbi Simcha Nedavya HaCohain, ז”ל joined with the Ko Kosher Staff in publishing "These Ye May Eat".

Our current Rav Hamachshir, Rabbi Moshe M. Novoseller, a scion of the illustrious Chasidic Dynasties of Belz, Berdichiv, Makariv & Krilivitz continues to be in the forefront of Kashrut service.
Founded in 1940 by​

Rabbi David S. Novoseller,ז”צל,
Rabbi Moshe Schnall,ז”צל,
Rabbi Dr. Shalom Novoseller,ז”צל .